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Modern PR


It’s a powerful word. A sustaining word. At Exponent, belief is the focus and end result of everything we do. Creating belief in brands is no small task today, when consumers increasingly expect transparency, reliability, responsiveness. How we create belief is what sets Exponent apart from traditional agencies.

We stay effective and stay relevant by putting these five tenets of modern public relations to work.

Walk the Talk


More than 7 million people have helped basketball star Ricky Rubio save a virtual life on the Save-A-Life Simulator.


Reputations are formed by actions, not words. We help our clients’ bring their brands’ values to life.

Make the internal,

Turning Employees into Advocates

CHS is a Fortune 100 company with global employees. We captured stories that showed how they were all connected. 


The most powerful brand advocate is often the one who already works for you. We place a priority on building brand ambassadors from the inside out.

Nurture modern influencers

Land O’Lakes

We created the first-ever cause marketing campaign on Pinterest.


Nearly half of all Americans get news and information from nontraditional sources. We cultivate relationships beyond news media to include today’s belief builders.

Fuel story sharing,
not story angles

Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee launches new products regularly. We made one noteworthy news by creating a five-story interactive Living Pinterest Board in the nation’s largest mall.


Inspiration fuels awareness. We develop campaigns that go beyond compelling story angles to inspire story sharing.

Constantly engage and inspire

Tapping into Technology

We use the Foundry — our proprietary tool — to connect social conversations to content creation — in both digital and traditional platforms.

Two-way engagement lives in the now. We leverage up-to-the-minute analysis with content that is in step with relevant issues and trends.