Medtronic Foundation

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Creating Life-Savers

Thousands of people witness sudden cardiac arrest every day, but few bystanders help. Exponent PR and Colle+McVoy worked with the Medtronic Foundation to create the Save-A-Life Simulator, an online experience that teaches the basics of how to respond to sudden cardiac arrest. 


Save-a-Life Simulator

Instead of making a typical, boring instructional video, we created the Save-A-Life Simulator, a digital choose-your-own-adventure experience that teaches users what to do if they witness sudden cardiac arrest in real life.


Public Service Announcement

Nine out of ten people who experience sudden cardiac arrest don’t survive. To make people aware of the Save-A-Life Simulator and help increase survival rates, we aired a PSA driving to the online experience during sporting events.


Save-a-Life Simulator 2.0

Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in young athletes. To improve education and survival in a younger, active demographic, Minnesota Timberwolves star, Ricky Rubio became the hero of the new bilingual Save-A-Life Simulator.

Modern PR Works

More than 7 million people saved a virtual life at in its first year.

The web PSA “All Alone” was seen more than 300 million times. 

70% of views were direct traffic.