Cenex Connects Communities With Powered Locally Campaign

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Fuel is a commodity and, as a result, choosing where to fill up can seem like a mindless matter of convenience. With a storied history of serving the hardworking people across rural America, Cenex is more than another place to top off — it’s family. And with that, the Powered Locally campaign was born to celebrate the people and local pride that make our communities special.

Hometown Pride. Powered Locally.

Financial hardship has forced many small towns across the U.S. to neglect essential programs, landmarks and traditions that make them special. Cenex vowed to take a stand with its Hometown Pride initiative — not a tagline, but a grant program with teeth. The program relies solely on input from its vast owner network to allocate funds for deserving projects.

“Winning [this grant] has encouraged me to become more involved with the Cenex brand. I’ve been very proud to hang the logo outside of our store and am thrilled to see money from this program put to good use in our community.”

Bob Burner — GM of Donnelly Cooperative (Minnesota), Grant Recipient

In Redfield and across the country, Cenex is proud to celebrate special communities and everything that makes them unique.

In Mt. Horeb and across the country, Cenex is proud to celebrate special communities and everything that makes them unique.

Fields for Kids. Powered Locally.

Cenex teamed up with the Minnesota Twins’ Community Fund to restore youth ballfields across the Midwest. These renovations not only helped to give aging fields new life but ensured that families, friends and neighbors have a place to convene for years to come. More than 3,500 Little Leaguers now have access to modern facilities, where they’ll learn about camaraderie, leadership and fair play.

Boot Stompin'. Powered Locally.

In Cenex territory, country music is a way of life. That’s why Cenex is proud to support two of the biggest country music festivals: Heartland Stampede (Kansas) and Country Jam USA (Wisconsin). If there’s one thing Cenex knows, it’s how to deliver convenience. The Cenex Squad has become something of a legend for their wearable snack and sunglasses dispensers.

Did You Know?

Music festival attendees drive an average of 3.14 hours roundtrip, making for prime pitstopping conditions. With a combined 135 retail stores serving these markets, Cenex is able to engage with upwards of 180,000 festival-goers each year.

Football Fever. Powered Locally.

North Dakota is home to more than 120 Cenex stores. So when the pride of Fargo, NDSU football, kicked off its season at Minneapolis’ Target Field 230 miles from home, Cenex treated 40,000 road-tripping Bison fans to a free pre-game concert featuring country artist Jordan Davis. While fans raved about the performance, the event also solved for a lack of tailgating space downtown.

Giving Back. Powered Locally.

Dollar Sign Icons Exponent Red
Donated by Cenex to hometowns across the United States in two years.