Creating a Movement to End a Hidden Disease for Proof Alliance

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Proof Alliance

Despite being one of the most common forms of preventable brain injury in babies, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) still affects one in 20 children. There are a lot of opinions about how much alcohol is safe to drink while pregnant, but the simple truth is no amount is safe. But how do you overcome generations of misinformation, bias and untruths to end FASD? You use the one thing you have: proof.

Simplifying a Web of Confusion

We started by focusing on education. We went directly to the sources parents and parents-to-be turn to for information: the internet and social media. Through paid search, which included Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, we made sure accurate facts were available where people were looking for critical information. Unfortunately, when it comes to alcohol and pregnancy, there are a few million opinions out there.

But when parents get reliable information, they make smart choices. Which is why we developed three new sites to address popular internet searches about drinking during pregnancy. Individuals seeking answers on how much one can drink during pregnancy were directed to the pregnancy and alcohol calculator, which taps into the personalized quiz trend and no matter what information people enter, the results are always the same: zero. Or the no amount is safe site, where visitors are served with the most direct, concise answer there is. There’s also, the campaign landing page that clearly and simply states facts on FASD.

Kids Speak the Truth

Then we let kids speak the truth on FASD. Three powerful videos were created to state the clear and simple truth. Each child featured in the films has been diagnosed with an FASD, and hearing them talk about the developmental delays, cognitive disabilities and physical manifestations that they experience is profound.

Sharing the Proof

Finding parents in searches and sharing videos wasn’t quite enough, so we also created visually arresting, bite-sized content that highlighted messaging and facts about FASD.

When faced with the facts, people (and media) responded.

The Proof campaign is so refreshing and clear, it’s unlike anything else [Proof Alliance] has done to-date. It is an easy way to empower people to make healthy decisions for themselves and their babies that isn’t preachy.

Maya Tester — President and Board of Directors, Proof Alliance