Land O’Lakes Challenges Conventions at SXSW

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Land O'Lakes

In 1532 Nicolaus Copernicus upended conventional thinking when he declared that humans were not the center of the universe. 487 years later, Land O’Lakes took a page out of his book by declaring that humans are not at the top of the food chain.

Land O’Lakes brought The Copernicus Project to SXSW to challenge convention through an immersive, interactive and highly ‘grammable experience. It explored the intersection of health, technology and food security to shift long-held perceptions and spark conversations to reinforce the company’s position as a convener of the farmer-to-fork conversation.

Daily panels and speakers brought diverse viewpoints, experiences, opinions and expertise to get people thinking and talking.

Outreach before the event created visibility for the activation and resulted in preview placements to generate traffic, highlight on-site programming and rise above the noise of SXSW.

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Land O’Lakes Uses SXSW to Tell Humans They Aren’t the Center of the Food System

A cutting-edge social media approach leveraged on- and off-site support to amplify interest in The Copernicus Project before, during and after the event, as well as reach key influencers and engage with visitors in real time.

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Our partnership with The Washington Post BrandStudio generated more awareness and post-event content.

Learn the truth about hunger in America from The Washington Post.