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Proof Alliance

Today 1 in 20 kids is living with the lifelong effects of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). With so much misinformation about the risks of drinking during pregnancy, Proof Alliance wanted to start conversations between friends and family about the facts of FASD, which is 100% preventable.

To spark these personal conversations, we took the subject public by meeting people at liquor stores and online. We partnered with Minnesota liquor stores to distribute custom bags with powerful graphic messages meant to catch customers’ eyes and encourage them to start a dialogue about drinking during pregnancy.

We released a PSA aimed at helping people start conversations about how common, yet preventable, FASD is. Exposing babies to alcohol can result in lifelong consequences. But a conversation about the risks of drinking during pregnancy can help eliminate FASD completely.

To further disseminate the message, we engaged local food and beverage influencer Kim Curry, who visited liquor stores in her area and shared the experience with her 49.5K followers.

These efforts earned extensive media coverage as well, resulting in nearly 63 million impressions. The coverage included features across print, online and broadcast channels, including NBC and CBS.

I am constantly humbled, grateful and thrilled at your precise insights into the work we are trying to accomplish. You make our mission accessible and truly bring it to life!

Sara Messelt — Executive Director of Proof Alliance

The Results

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The campaign earned 62 million impressions in just the first week.