Making an age-old sport more relevant, exciting and inclusive for new generations of fishers and boaters everywhere.

Fearless Fishing Line

To accentuate new research that showed women who fish are happier and healthier than those who don’t, we collaborated with one of the industry’s biggest brands to create a limited-edition fishing line that connected the sport to positive mental health outcomes.

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Experiential Trip

We curated an immersive fishing and boating trip in Montana to connect female reporters with the undeniable benefits of being on the water. Guided tours, world-class instruction and authentic moments of camaraderie provided boundless inspiration for editorial storytelling.

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“A genuine feeling of camaraderie and lightheartedness set in quickly with this group. I was reminded of how good it is to get to know other women in this type of setting. We laughed, learned how to cast and applauded every person every chance we got.”

— Katherine Englishman, Freelance Writer

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