Transforming a product-centric power equipment brand into one that connects with consumers both on and off the grass.


The maker of the ultimate all-around mowing experience created the ultimate shoe for sneakerheads who identify as lawn lovers. The Ultima residential riding lawn mower inspired the style and performance of the footwear that was created in partnership with a legendary sneaker designer.

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Essence De Lawn

For Cub Cadet fans, lawn care isn’t a chore — it’s a labor of love. That’s why we developed a self-care kit for Valentine’s Day featuring items infused with fresh-cut grass scents to evoke peak mowing season. The kit spiked brand awareness on the eve of the spring sales season.

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3X Coffee

Some winter mornings, no ordinary cup of joe will do. The same goes for snow blowers. Inspired by Cub Cadet’s three-stage snow blowers, this roast was made with triple the caffeine of leading brands for mornings when you need to clear feet of snow — not mere inches.

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